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No crib, no co-sleeper, no in-bed contraptions. A king sized bed is wonderful, though, especially as the baby gets older and squirmy. We have co-slept with 4 babies until each were about 2 years old. Lovely, and safe, experience as long as some common sense precautions are used.
Thank you for the scolding, Mole. Aren't we all just a bunch of insensitive morons for not using the correct terminology? The content of your post could have been simple and educational. Or, better yet, the post could have just stayed on topic and you could have just replied using the correct terminogy. When someone is "offended" by what is a simple and honest mistake -- to point of bullying -- I am offended say. I sure hope no one here says something ignorant as I...
We had a beautiful and peaceful birth this time around, because of the epidural.     My other births have been 100% all-natural, and I wouldn't give those away for the world, but this time around I thought I'd switch it up.  My younger children were present and the epidural made it possible for me to be in the moment and enjoy and experience it with them.     Because of a major winter storm, the midwives couldn't get to the hospital, the on-call OB couldn't get to...
This may be very controversial, but with our first (who screamed from the minute she got in the car until the minute she got out -- for MONTHS) we finally decided to put the carseat in the front with me.  Our car automatically turns off the airbags with a weight sensor.  It was a tricky balance, but I felt that between my stress level and the distraction (and body contortion), it was safer for her to be in the front seat.
Glad to find this thread! Yes! I am feeling the same way. Not really nauseous, but an aversion to smells, tired. But then again, yesterday I just felt like crying the whole day. At first I freaked out and thought it must be Listeriosis and there was something wrong with the baby, but now that I'm calmer I am thinking there must have been a big hormonal shift. Either way, hope you are feeling better.
First baby was posterior, but we didn't know until she was born. Labor was 14 hours from start to finish. My body instinctively wanted me to labor on hands and knees, or supported by our kitchen counter. Used a warm labor tub for most transition which was wonderful. Pushing was hard, but productive in a semi-sitting position on bed. Second baby was anterior, and labor was about 7 hours. (My midwife said that labor for the 2nd baby is "usually" about 1/2 the time of...
I'm 5'10" and have been using Gap t-shirts and sweaters. They have always been long enough to cover. The clearance items (esp. t's) are a fair price between $4-8 a piece. My friend brought a tub of maternity clothes for me to borrow, mostly Liz Lange and Motherhood, and they were ALL too short and boxy. Probably work better for those under 5'8".
I have: - 1 pair of jeans (Gap bootcut.) - 1 pair of stretch wool dress pants (Gap, again. Love the way my butt looks in these.) - 1 denim skirt (Gap! From 10 years ago. Still cute with tights, boots.) - Variety of pre-pregnancy t-shirts and sweaters, plus some hand-me-overs from friends. This is my third pregnancy. I had passed along ALL my old maternity clothes to friends and my sister about 6 years ago. Well, the clothing that held up both in...
Have you had your ears pierced? It's no where near as painful to have an amniocentesis. The lidocaine prick is uncomfortable -- feels like a pinch, really. The actual amnio needle felt like a "pop"...at least that was my experience. Wishing you the very best of luck!
Siblings Without Rivalry (already mentioned) is a great book. Highly recommended. Has anyone read Julius, Baby of the World by Kevin Henkes to their kids? I'm not saying it's a Band-Aid, but it was a good read for my oldest before her little brother was born. http://www.amazon.com/Julius-Baby-Wo...6627499&sr=1-1 A gentle but powerful message is On Mother's Lap by Ann Herbert Scott. http://www.amazon.com/Mothers-Lap-An...der_0395629764
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