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Why did they post that on the internet? The way the boy looked at his mom before the tears says it all doesn't it?
When you lose someone close to you it feels strange that the whole world keeps going on as if nothing happened. You feel like shouting out to the whole world, "Don't you know that XXX has died? Don't you care?" I can only imagine that it must feel 1000 times worse when it is your child. Send a card and acknowledgment.
Almost none. My older son did starfall a bit when he was younger and it was really nice, but my younger son is 4 now and his personality and electronic media don't mix well.
Thanks so much!!!!! I checked their website, but obviously I wasn't looking in the right place.
LIke this: http://www.koksgesto.nl/popup/zoom/h...Image=KOKZ7766 but a US supplier.
Where can I buy one? I'm drawing a blank here. I was looking at one once that had containers on each side that could hold up to one liter of liquid in them (or other stuff, marbles, etc). The containers had a lid that you could use to place smaller objects down to 1g. Do you know where I can get such a thing?
Maybe she's acting that way because of the stress of everything going on before the move? We are moving in a month and as calm as we have been about the whole thing there's still an air of change about and it's been unsettling for my kiddos. Right now we keep talking about it as an adventure and being able to explore new places etc.
My son started Handwriting without tears cursive at 6 too and it actually helped his printing.
Major improvement. Looks great and much more manageable.
I don't read with different voices for each character. It actually drives me nuts to listen to others read that way. But I do read with an engaged voice.
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