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We go year round.
My kids spent all day in the oatmeal baths.
I do.
Quote: Originally Posted by mackysmama I think I need to do some handwriting with him, as he has sensory processing disorder and struggles with fine motor skills. It was the only formal thing we did last year and the K book took us a year so I expect we'll move slowly and relaxed through Grade 1 as well. I think your list sounds ok, except that it's a bit heavy on the writing. I think HWOT is enough and if he really wants to do the grammar...
We are reading Swallows and Amazons at the moment. My son also enjoys the Great Brain series.
I use a weekly planner that has one week across two pages. I just write what subjects were done and field trips or notable moments (ie tooth falling out, no more training wheels, etc).
I think the pictures are misleading because it isn't a cleanliness scale, rather it is a scale about hoarding habits. While there is some overlap, not all dirty houses are from hoarding habits.
Oh my goodness, did my mother just come out of my mouth?
The other thing is that he may shower regularly but doesn't know how to clean his body properly while he is there. Washing oneself requires a bit more effort than just standing the water. When you tell them to hit the showers before dinner you can add a joking remark such as, "and don't forget to use soap!"
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