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Make homemade sauerkraut http://www.wildfermentation.com/reso...age=sauerkraut Homemade sauerkraut on crusty bread with cheese is amazing.
Mozart: Ronda alla Turca http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gnl8IBWqJb0
Quote: Originally Posted by larksongs I know it's unrealistic but sometimes I just wish there was a switch that I could flip to make him happy all of the time. My father used to say that you can't know happiness unless you have known sadness. Well of course we are not going to go out and look to make our children unhappy unnecessarily but I think there is a kernel of wisdom in what he said.
Part of growing up is learning how to deal with disappointment. I would talk to him about how change can be unsettling but that doesn't mean change is all negative. Change can be an adventure. Think of ways to find closure in the current place. It will be ok. Try not to stress because that sets the tone for the move.
When we move I am going to buy this one: http://www.hyperhistory.com/online_n...2/contact.html
I think there is a world of difference between 100% juice (which is from concentrate) and fresh squeezed juice.
We are using HWOT cursive for my 7yo. He's doing really well and the lessons are very short (less than 10 min a day).
If he's constipated it is possible the poo coming out will be softer. It will be softer because it goes around the hard mass that's stuck in there. But, that's not saying he's constipated. Is it possible that he has food allergies? And more importantly, are you making a big deal of it in front of him? It sounds like there is some anxiety in your family (your mom) with regard to this issue and it could be stressing him out. Try to relax and not comment on...
Hibiscus tea is very popular in Mexico too, only they call it jamaica. Good stuff.
The jelly is the pot of gold!! Yes, just rewarm it and it's ready to go.
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