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Keep them busy with ideas from here?
You say you don't want something like this to come between you. Hon, it already is coming between you if you feel the need to vent/get support about it. You have the right to say no if something is not working out for you.
Give her water to drink.
You can see samples of miquon math and singapore math on the Sonlight website.
You may be interested in Miquon math.
They can learn to ride without training wheels pretty quickly if you buy a bike where they can put their feet flat on the ground when they are sitting on it. I say buy the smaller bike.
Another vote for Sequential Spelling.
I let my just turned 4yo ride his bike unsupervised out front. He just learned to ride without training wheels.
Have you looked at the yahoo groups for this information? I've seen some of the IHIP samples and they don't list specific curriculum or books. They seem to speak more in general concepts. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NYHEN-Support/ Caveat emptor: I don't live in NY.
New Posts  All Forums: