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There are unschoolers in every state. Have you looked into the yahoo groups for NY? I'm sure you can get a lot of information wrt unschooling in NY. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Famili...ec=group&slk=1 http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Radica...ec=group&slk=3
Next is the earlybird 2a and 2b. I guess they don't have that anymore. I kind of wish I stayed with the My Pals are Here series.
Sometimes I read on the unschooling forums (here and other places) and it sounds like kids in those families are doing lots of fun self-directed activities. My kids do all of that too and they have some lessons in the mornings as well. For me, it's not an either/or thing. Homeschooling allows us to concentrate efforts in the shortest amount of time with materials specific to the learning style of the child. This leaves them lots of free time to pursue their own...
Quote: Originally Posted by NoHiddenFees We're relaxed, secular, classical, year-round homeschoolers. :
Sit down work about 2h per day for my 7 yo (not all at once). I don't count read-aloud time in that total.
Is anyone supplementing with HAOH? I'm very interested in this program because my son is very receptive to audio information and history is his favorite subject. I wonder if anyone has any experience with this program?
My son started cursive at 6 with this program. Super easy and efficient.
Quote: Originally Posted by ccasanova There is hardly a time when we go out and someone there won't say, "Wow, you kids are so well behaved! We mostly see the other kind". : You mean my kids.
We are using Handwriting without Tears and it is going really well. I think the script isn't that pretty but it's efficient.
We used Prima Latina. It's pretty basic. I did not order all the extra stuff and it was just fine. If you want to learn if for your self, why don't you try something more geared for adults like Henle Latin? Here are somereviews you can look at wrt curricula.
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