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We are overseas and they don't have this product. I am craving it soooo bad. I dream about eating pumpkin pie filling from a can with a spoon.
Viking Playmobile and a couple of books about Vikings.
As the mother of two (very energetic) boys, this makes me extremely sad. Quote: Originally Posted by MomInFlux She was complaining about how when she volunteers in the classroom once every 2 weeks, she hates having to work with boys, because they're so undisciplined.
I do like liver and onions. Very good. For the kids I take beef liver and puree it raw with a bit of water and then freeze it into the ice cube tray. Then I add one cube to soup or rice when cooking.
I'll just say from personal experience that living overseas with two very small children can be very hard in the beginning. Especially, when your partner has to travel a lot for work leaving you days on end with two little ones it can be very stressful, lonely and draining. I would look into what kind of social networks are in place there such as a British or American women's clubs. Are there expat groups near to where you will be living? Will your partner...
My son is 5 and a half..
My son had a fist grip until he was a bit over 5 yo. I finally bought him some handwriting booklets and he was interested in doing them so he decided to hold his pencil more efficiently. I was worried that he learned to write all his letters in a bad form (like making an eight by drawing an x and then a hump on top and bottom) and with bad grip and that it would be hard to get him to "do it properly." But it all worked out in the end. He can make letters...
I don't try to answer all their questions, honestly. I don't feel it's my job to make other people feel secure about my decisions. It would feel good if everyone was happy with our choices, but sadly you can't make all the people happy all the time. Next time she asks you that, just respond, "We are very busy, and we are very happy. Thank you for asking." Period. End of explanantion. (I've read a lot of your MIL posts, and I feel for you)
Maybe she is looking for a way to make you feel insecure. ETA: I also have a 5yo and a 2yo and you sound waaay busier than us..
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