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Most children already can refuse vaccinations and other medical treatments.  The vast majority of 12-year-olds would fall under this provision: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mature_minor_doctrine
The only reason I would sell your house is if you can buy a smaller/cheaper one with cash - no mortgage.
Even if you don't qualify for food stamps, you may qualify for other things such as energy assistance.  Check out LIHEAP, and your state energy assistance programs.  Also, look into things like research studies, pet sitting/dog-walking, and donating plasma.
Zero, unfortunately.  We are living mostly off of student loans right now.  We have a high-limit credit card which we do not use at all, so that it is available if we have an emergency.  I keep as much liquid as possible though.  When we get our tax refunds, it goes into savings, and it covers the inevitable expenses such as car repairs and medical. 
I highly doubt the $1200 will count against you, with two kids and no real income.  Talk to a case manager.  What state are you in?  Most states have energy assistance, even if utilities are included in rent.  It can be several hundred dollars over the course of the heating season.  That can be a real help.   For child care, look for other student parents and see if you can trade babysitting, for some alone time or homework time.  Also see about car-pooling if you are...
My puppy is nine months old now.  He had a horrible problem with peeing in the house at our old apartment.  We moved on July 1st, and he was fine for a few weeks.  We were actually shocked that he was suddenly house trained.  Then, one accident.  Then, another one a week later.  Now, he has had three in the past week!  We can't figure it out.  We take him out very often, and keep an eye on him as much as possible.  We clean the spots up as best as we can with an enzyme...
My friend just had a baby, and her doc told her it was up to her if she wanted to get a booster while pregnant. She ended up getting one shortly postpartum.  But the doc did highly recommend her husband getting one, which he did.
All good ideas, I just want to say one thing.  You say the risk of emergency is almost "nonexistent".  I am really sorry you had a bad experience last time with bringing your babe in, but I encourage you not to let that stop you if you need to in the future.  Childbirth is a natural process, but newborns are still fragile, and you should seek the care (if in the unlikely circumstance that you need it).
I have never seen whole milk string cheese (mozzarella) but I have gotten full-fat cheddar cheese sticks, at my regular grocery store. Very tasty.
Sweet potato fries! I also love this pumpkin soup - only uses one sweet potato but its soooo good. INGREDIENTS 1. 1 2/3 pounds sugar pumpkin -- peeled, seeded and cubed 2. 2 carrots, coarsely chopped 3. 2 onions, cut into wedges 4. 2 1/2 tablespoons oil (I used safflower) 5. 1 large sweet potato, sliced 6. 1 quart water 7. 3 cubes chicken bouillon, crumbled 8. 1 cup heavy cream (I used whole milk - I imagine for vegans/lactose intolerant you could add a cup of...
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