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I think my 5yo might be stealing things at school, but I am not sure. A couple of months ago, snacks were being taken from lockers and backpacks in her classroom. We learned about this through her. She seemed very preoccupied about it, and started sobbing when we asked her if she knew who'd done it. She kept insisting that it wasn't her.    She's made little comments about stealing and people who steal since then. She came home with a lollipop one afternoon that she said...
I'm completely uncoordinated, and also very out of shape. Can anyone recommend a beginner workout DVD for cardio and one for strength training, or possibly one that combines the two? I have tried things like Leslie Sansone's walking DVDs, but I'm looking for other recommendations. Thanks!
Thanks so much!
Thank you for these suggestions!   I like the idea of just "moving." This is something I'm not doing very much of now, since I sit at a help desk for 8 hours a day :)   I appreciate your response!
I have about 70 lbs to lose, and would like to try counting calories to do so. So many sample daily menus are not vegetarian or vegan, and I wondered if there were folks out there who are vegetarian, vegan, or who often eat that way, and who can give me an idea of what a typical day looks like for you.   Even if you don't calorie count, but have modified your eating habits for weight loss, I'd love to hear what you eat daily. I appreciate it.   My stats, if it is...
Thanks! I'll google those terms. I didn't know if it were a pudding or just a flavor-infused silken tofu. The brand she uses is Sunrise Soya, I think, but all of the store locations are Canadian or a select few Eastern/Western US. We only have basic chains here (small southern town), so just plain silken or firm options--nothing flavored.
I keep seeing dessert tofu mentioned on a blog that I read, and I'd love to try some, but I haven't found it locally. Is there a way to make it myself using soft/silken tofu? I like the idea of sweet tofu. Thanks!
I work in a very public job at a front desk, and I come into contact with about 100-200 people per day. Most people are fine, but there are others who make me feel very uncomfortable. They linger at the desk, lean over the desk, ask me personal questions, sometimes want to discuss inappropriate topics, etc.   I've tried saying, "I need to get back to work," I've changed the subject, and I've made myself busy with work. This hasn't deterred some guests. I am not able to...
My kindergarten-aged child has discovered (the joys of?) picking her nose, and gets nosebleeds 2-3 times per week because of it. Are there any ways to discourage this behavior? We ask her to blow her nose, and discourage picking when we catch her, but does anyone have any other tips? Thanks!
Does anyone have any favorite GF pre-prepared meals/mock meats/etc. that they can recommend? What about easy, quick recipes for veg/GF?   Thank you! 
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