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EDD November 6
I just scheduled my 1st trimester ultrasound screening - I will be 13 weeks 4 days at the U/S. Can they tell the gender this early on? Also - is it a good idea to have a small coffee or juice before the U/S or not?
I'd like to join! I'm 12 weeks preggo and finally getting some energy back, and m/s is on it's way out. Time to clean! Yesterday I freecycled 3 bags of clothing - nice, clean office-type stuff that I will never be wearing again. Also 4 bags went to goodwill. Such a great feeling! The #1 project this spring - cleaning out the spare room - which will be the baby's room. It's currently a catch-all!
Glad you are OK! How exciting to see the little one though
I'm so sorry mama...
Congratulations! Great news! :
Quote: Originally Posted by bluebunny With my two boys, I craved fruit and salty things (not together) but not sweets. With my oldest son, I ate jars and jars of pickles. With my DD, I craved sweets. This time, I don't crave sweets at all (and I normally have a sweet tooth) and I really crave salt -- potato chips, primarily. I could have written this post myself! With DD, I would buy 4-5 raspberry coffeecakes weekly and eat them all. ...
I'm 11w5d, and I felt movement this morning for the first time. Very slight of course, I would have never picked up on it if this wasn't my third child. I was laying in bed and really concentrating on paying attention - and I actually got a little acknowledgement from the babe. Such a great way to wake up! :
Thank you for the link! And good luck today with your IEP meeting - let us know how it goes!
Thank you for the replies. I just spoke with DS's teacher and she is including him in the ESY. She will be teaching the class, and the OT/PT/ST therapists are the same as well - which is ideal. His teacher said her reasons were his need for ST, and that he likes consistency (which makes me a bit nervous, to be honest). The program is only 15 days long from 8am - 12pm b/c the building is not a/c and it's just too hot for the kids. So we'll have plenty of fun summer...
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