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Quote: Originally Posted by kblackstone444 'cause we're good enough friends to get along enough to raise kids together (he's completely MDC material when it comes to raising kids- breastfeeding, nocirc, gentle disicpline, organic feeding, babywearing, cosleeping, etc.) ....and hes cleaning your house? feeding your kids? walking your dogs? saying he loves you? excited about baby? heck im finding him attractive!! LOL ok im kiddding! no but in a...
Quote: Originally Posted by momasana Now when I look at it, I see three lines (I think) which looks more like a girl. But to be honest, I'm squinting and cocking my head to the side and wouldn't put money on a guess either way. what she said!! i was going to say girl...does not look like my boys u/s pics. looks more like my girls!
1st son, noon csection 2nd son, vbac, was midnight when my water broke. born at 9:15 am
i personally would be concerned and seek more bloodwork. but that is because my progesterone fluctuated this pregnancy and i lost a twin early on. but my blood work in the 1st trimester was never above 20. above 20 is what they like to see. i was put on progesterone suppositories and have had no issues with keeping the other baby.
I dont have any personal experience but wanted to share a link. This site has tons of good info. for plus size mamas. If you cant find some answers here then I would say email the lady directly and she may point you in the right direction. Best wishes for a happy healthy 9 months. http://www.plus-size-pregnancy.org/
Can someone help me analyze this info and collect my thoughts? After 2 miscarriages last yr and really feeling scared this pregnancy, I need some help sorting through this so i dont panic. I have my ultrasound (level 1) report and i am a bit concerned. I am 21 weeks and had it done last week. It states all the baby stuff looks within normal limits. Says baby is in the 35th percentile at 341 grams and that I am 20 wks 3 days. But then it says... "Placenta is grade II...
Quote: Originally Posted by BirthNut Yes, I am a doula & childbirth educator, over 10 years now. I plan to go onto become a midwife myself, but it'll be a year or two before I start that. i think you're making a great decision for your family!
Quote: Originally Posted by hopingtobemomma Does anyone think Taylor is too "boyish" or "cutesy" as an adult once he grows up? Please be honest, I don't mind at all! i personally feel it is too girlie and cutesy. but im from south tx and it is a very popular girl name here. just as popular as all the kaylees and madisons. but perhaps it is more popular as a boy name where u are. (and this is coming from a mom who has 2 boys with names that...
Quote: Originally Posted by BirthNut There are some great homebirth midwives in the area, however we cannot afford to have one. I have some that are close friends I can call on so I am comfortable with that. See if the MW in your area are taking on any clients free of charge , you never know. My MW has done that & takes on charity cases. Otherwise I agree UC seems the best way to go for yall. Are you a doula?
Jackson Maddox Mason Carter Corbin
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