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Quote: Originally Posted by ilovemyavery Thanks Nope, no digi yet, I had much clearer positives today, even at 10pm, so I'm thinking of taking the digi tomorrow morning. I'll call the OB at precisely 9am on Monday I'm on all my various medications now- progesterone, baby aspirin, folic acid, b12, and b6. Although I need to spread them out, I took them all this AM and nearly puked. aww thats great news!! cant wait to see the digi pic . yes...
Quote: Originally Posted by stellamia Nicole, that was a beautiful, powerful and encouraging prayer!! I was nursing my little one as I read it and felt so peaceful and encouraged! I agreed with every word. So a big AMEN!
isnt it great...and there are 800 more "reasons to laugh" posts for me to read when i need to. i only got through..ohh maybe 100 but couldnt stop reading and laughing!
Quote: Originally Posted by Jenne I purchased a big bunch of Wondfo tests off the internet. I highly discourage anyone from purchasing this brand. My BFF is 8 weeks pregnant and peed on one for me so that I could know where to look for an early positive. Her positive test took at least a minute to come up and it was faint and didn't make a complete line. I did a search for what Wondfo's looked like on the internet when positive and didn't come up with...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tear78 jennifer, I think they used to Xray women all the time during pregnancy. One time this early wouldn't hurt, IMHO. Don't stress, hon i 2nd that!
mae's post sounds spot on to what ive read in the past. best of luck and keep us posted!
Quote: Originally Posted by JessieBird As for me, AF came yesterday, New Year's Day. I was really surprised because I was only 9 or 10 dpo. I thought I'd be okay if it wasn't our month but I at least was expecting a normal cycle instead of an 8-9 day LP for the third month in a row. I'm pretty bummed about that. .hope you got some time today to reflect and collect your thoughts and overindulge on some chocolate. hang in there.
Quote: Originally Posted by ilovemyavery It was the coldest night of the winter last night, with temps in the low single digits, and when chills around -10. It was COLD in our bedroom, and DS kicks of the covers, I woke up physically cold, and knew I would temp low. holy crap! it is in the 60s here and i was complaining i wanted it to be cold! but not that cold! i think id die...where about do u live? im from the border of south tx. we dont get...
Quote: Originally Posted by ilovemyavery I'm torn between being hopeful and positive, and wanting to pretend it's not happening for a few more days, in an effort to not be so disappointed if it's another chemical. I'll be calling the OB first thing Monday to see if they will order a quant HCG check, then I can maybe start to think it's real great idea about going to the ob for a hcg. i know its hard but try to stay hopeful!! did u do digi...
Quote: Originally Posted by MaerynPearl http://i235.photobucket.com/albums/e...vampy/bleh.jpg Time will tell... I thought it looked a bit too far right but then (silly me) decided to actually look up other tests like that and they seem to all be that far right.
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