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Thinking of yall and said a prayer. let us know when yall are home.
ing im a doula and my march mom is studying hypnobabies.
i dont know what i would do, but i wouldnt have an abortion. my half- sister was conceived through a rape. my "father"(didnt raise me) was actually the rapist. im glad her mother (16 yrs old at the time) kept her and raised her. she found me on myspace several yrs ago, and we are best friends now.
i agree with everyone. i just wanted to add one thing. i see this all the time as a doula, so its very very normal. partners just take a while to feel like "its really happening." they dont (usually) feel the morning sickness, all the belly changes, they dont feel so much pressure to grow a baby. but i can almost guarantee that as soon as your partner feels the baby kick, sees your growing belly, sees a profile on an ultrasound, takes a childbirth class, that he will...
ive heard of moms having round ligament pain by 4 weeks, so i dont think it is too early at all. with the increase in hormones almost immediate it makes sense to be feeling stuff going on in uterus/ pelvis!
i definitely feel something--but i know its gas lol....baby gas bubbles
gatorade has a G2 brand that is lower calories, not sure if it has aspartame propel fitness water try looking for sparkling flavored water-try costco or sams brand, or your store brands make a homemade lemonade with splenda theres many instant, decaf teas, get unsweet, add splenda my kids love the capri suns that are the water with flavor ones mots for tots, juice boxes add a splash of any juice or gatorade to your water, make sure it is very cold if all else fails,...
sorry i have had such bad ms:Puke that i am behind on reading the posts. this is a great thread. hi fellow doulas!!! : well, ive got 1 client due march 28, and im thinking of her being my last doula client. if someone is in desperate need then of course i wont turn them down, im one of the only doulas in the area. but i just cant see myself being able to manuever and help these moms without it taking a toll on me and the baby. ill have to let them know my limitations....
i have all day nausea. but the worst for me it has been right when i wake up until breakfast, and then at midnight. ill wake up to throw up. not fun
my sister keeps teasing me that i am pregnant with twins-because my morning sickness came on early and strong. also she had twins in '07. because i took clomid, i sometimes think there is a chance, but then i realize it is a tiny tiny chance. i would love twins but i dont think id believe there were 2 in there until 2 popped out.
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