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for me the only thing i can stomach is cheese (cheddar like the others mentioned lol) and fresh fruit. i try to eat a wider variety of foods throughout the day but i usually feel miserable afterwards.
Lee is a family name for me and so there are tons of mn Lee's in my family. I like the idea of passing that on. I personally love Clara Lee, and nope it's not too close to Sara Lee. hehe. I think it's great to blend well with the siblings too. But if you are looking for an alternative what about these: Clara Aleene Clara Annalee Clara Ainslee Clara Leena Clara Leeanne or a totally different name but similar... Carlee
I'd mention that she has some of your maternity clothes "that you LENT her" and that you wondered if yall could swap and share maternity items because you do not want to purchase more. If she says yes, then you can both have a wide variety of outfits! If she is opposed to it, your clothes will probably be sent your way so she can avoid lending out her own purchases.
I say Samara like Sahara, as in the Sahara dessert, just one letter change? Pronunciation is here: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/Sahara Samarra is actually a town in Iraq. It is pronounced the way you are hoping for. Pronunciation here: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/Samarra More history:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samarrah_Offensive You could always add the H which if familiar for people and would encourage the -uh sound, like Savannah, Hannah,...
http://www.gentlebirth.org/archives/dueDates.html this was informative!
im drinking RRL tea already and will the entire pregnancy. my midwife recommended it. she also recommended evening primrose oil the entire pregnancy but i am going to wait until the 3rd trimester based on some research that says it can ripen the cervix etc. i have tons of tea packs I will never use if yall are interested in trying the traditional medicinal brand. i can mail you a several packs for just shipping cost ($1-2?).
my midwife took my due date i had based on my LMP & O day and added 5 days. im actually not sure why? maybe so in charting it doesnt ever appear im postdates.
thank you ladies!!:
Quote: Originally Posted by Sharon, RN FTR, he's the one with major impulse buying issues. Like flat-screen TV's, 2 laptops in 1 week (!), and $1500 dog for his parents. i dont want to pry or cross the line, and this question doesnt have to be answered here, but i wonder if he has any other signs of impulsive, manic behaviour? ive lived with someone that was bipolar before, and he sounds similar, could he possibly have a clinical problem that...
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