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i think the best thing that works for me is to be sure to talk about it. talk to us, to family, to friends, anyone you trust. express your fears and make a plan to address them. make a list of what is bugging you, then make a note of what you can do to make that fear go away. if the advice you get and comfort you get isnt helpful then you can always see a counselor. they really help with anxiety and dig to the root of the issue. sometimes anxiety in pregnancy, is deeper...
i regret whatever i eat the meal before. ill crave something, eat it, then regret eating it, and think it is the most disgusting thing ever, wondering why i ever wanted to eat it. lol my husband is mad i refuse left overs now!
Quote: Originally Posted by mom2tig99Nroo03 or maybe they're somehow in with the ept companies- like they have some way of figuring out who is buying them? haha! this cracked me up!!
I get formula adv./rep stuff all the time! They even mail it to my full name with credentials IBCLC. Duh!! I even did a college thesis on the marketing of breastmilk substitutes and how it is detrimental to breastfeeding rates. The literature is ridiculously error filled, their tactics to get moms hooked are so awful. One IBCLC I know gives the formula samples to food banks, but I've actually just been tossing it out. What would you do? As an IBCLC I cannot keep it or...
Hugs to yall both! Feel better lil guy!
I am wondering if there is an informative, reputable website you could recommend that gives information on exactly what is beneficial to take during pregnancy, breastfeeding, & postpartum. I also need to know how much to take, when to take it, and its level of safety during pregnancy, bfing, pp, etc. Why I am confused-While some sites will mention remedies for morning sickness, the names of the "treatment" are foreign to me. I have no idea what form to take it in-pill,...
I agree with Cristeen in every point!
my midwife came by yesterday and did my 1st appt., took bloodwork & urine, talked about my health etc. it was so nice to have a midwife come to MY home where i am comfortable. i am going to love this type of care.
im so sorry for your loss. i wish you and your family the best in this tough time.
thats wonderful! it is important to be happy with your care and birth place!
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