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Quote: Originally Posted by ein328 I'm active-duty Air Force! I've deployed every year, so I'm excited about more time at home : thank you so much for your service!
Quote: Originally Posted by Dmitrizmom I I'm working on getting my chiropractic business up and running. i really hope to find a chiropractor this pregnancy. any good maneuvars or websites you can share?
im a work at home mom. i have a home business as a lactation consultant (ibclc) and i also rent and sale breast pumps and breastfeeding supplies. i do house calls mostly. im also a doula, childbirth educator, and baby sign language instructor. ill only schedule a few more doula clients and stop working around june or july. i was about to start a midwifery apprenticeship but wont start it now until this baby starts school. www.blessedbirthday.com and www.mybrightbabies.com...
i dont exercise much at all. so im not much support for a marathon! i have sinus tachycardia and during pregnancy my resting heart rate is 120+, so working out, or even cleaning house, it gets to 140+. with the doppler my heart was usually faster than the babys! it is just too hard on me physically to really do much. i do stretch and walk a lot. i think the biggest worry would be dehydration, and maybe the lactic acid your body produces in intense exercise? good luck!
for those not finding out, please share where you find cute gender neutral clothes and baby items. i am having a hard time finding unisex items.
is anyone feeling dizzy, lightheaded, almost like you are drunk? i feel so woozy and like the room is spinning. of course looking it up online says it is normal for some but for other women with cramping (which i have) it can be a sign of ectopic pregnancy. great! now im worried!
im a certified doula, (childbirth international and also completing donas certification too). i havent used a doula personally. my husband is such an amazing birth partner, i call him my dude-la. ill have a mw and her assistant so dont think ill hire anyone. i will also have my best friends mom that has labor sat for many women. she will be my "maternal" support in place of my mother.
::Raising hand:: this will be #3 for us. my boys are almost 6 and recently 3. im sure the noise level in the house will take some getting used to!
less crampy here too! but more nausea!
Quote: Originally Posted by fantesia28 I think it's amazing how many of us posted here on this thread that are now expecting! I hadn't even ovulated yet and just knew I would be here. Wow!! i agree. i just had a feeling it was our time to get preggo. mothers intuition is a powerful thing
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