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Quote: Originally Posted by wombatclay I was recently looking into all my different birth options and she (the nurse) mentioned that these days you have to go to the Farm much earlier in your pregnancy... they no longer let you just "show up" at the end of the pregnancy. I didn't follow up on her statement so I'm not positive about that, but if you're interested in birthing there you might want to give them a call! (the number is at the bottom of that...
I am planning my birth at The Farm this summer and am also posting a blog entry tomorrow evening about my decision/ thoughts on the place. I'll also be listing several birth stories I have found via the web that have taken place at the farm in that post. Hope it helps you! http://www.harvestofdailylife.com
I am a first time mommy to be and am pulling my hair out trying to find a provider that will attend my home birth. I decided to home birth after finding out that having an "unplugged" natural birth in a hospital is basically not going to happen here. I just read that "Practicing as a direct-entry midwife is still (as of May 2006) illegal under certain circumstances in Washington, D.C. and the following states: Alabama, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky,...
I am 6 weeks pregnant and starting to blog about my experience. www.harvestofdailylife.com
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