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This thread always makes me laugh
Sorry, I've been away. I've been reading a bit.. Just soo busy ATM.. Hope everyone is well.. :
my second labor was longer, harder, but the pushing and delivery were easier.
I have read about this but never experienced it. Seems the amenorrhea has more to do with body mass/underweight than specifically the "raw diet.." I know many raw foodists who are not especially underweight. If you are choosing a raw diet, it's very important to watch out for those things. Being severely underweight to the point that it causes amenorrhea is not healthy, regardless of your diet. I certainly do not believe menses are toxic.
Quote: Originally Posted by wannathird there is so much judgement on this forum and its so sad because there is so much this forum offers perhaps you should spend some time looking around a little longer before you start judging others....
I love the brochure comment as well
so sorry mamma! Here's hoping things get better.. Blessings Karen
Checking back in.. I have been miserably sick this week.. Thanks so much Max and everyone.. it's nice to have so much support.. I find a lot of encouragement here and have been able to share a lot of this support with my friends who are struggling.. Peace K
thanks, that's what I figured.. Nothing negative, nothing specific, just wondered if there was such a place on this board already.. Peace K
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