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I spent a lot of time here for many years. And then I found myself at 230 pounds, after having 8 babies. I lost 95 pounds doing Beachbody programs and I am in the running for the quarterly prize ($5000 and a trip to LA). The winner is determined by on-line voting. You only need a free Beachbody account to vote and can vote once every 24 hours. The voting (Wednesday 7/31) and lasts for 7 days. If I make it through, I will then go...
Apples are $19 a bushel here, too.
But, it is Costco, the home of the "If you don't like it, return it" policy.' If it shrinks or gets wonky, bring it back.
It depends how much wood and how much propane. I live in the mountains of Virginia. Not quite as cold and snowy as MI, but we need heat from Oct/November through March. We have a wood furnace but we only have to run it every other day. But, by the evening of the off day, it would get chilly and we would use the propane. We did go through a lot of propane and have decided that we will run the wood furnace more often. We spent over $400 in propane but nothing in wood...
Can I please be removed as "Hopeful"? I'm really not hopeful. In fact, we all had quite a giggle when I noticed it. I am ready to age out gracefully at 45. My oldest turns 22 in November, and my youngest just turned 1. I have had 4 little ones in my Advanced Maternal Age (cough!). And I haven't stopped diapering since I started back in 1986. I just hit a homeschool funk this year when I started our 15th of homeschooling. Dh said, "Suck it up, sweatheart! You aren't even...
My chickens have always used the nest box, except for 1 egg. We have a ramp that goes up to it. Dh figured it couldn't be comfortable to fly if you were ready to drop an egg. I have straw in our nest box. We have 2 boxes, but they weren't interested in the second one, so that is where I keep the bowl of oyster shell. They fuss with it and there really isn't all that much straw in there now. They throw it out. They seem happy with less.
My inlaws thought about joining this. But it is like $5000 to join, and really, you have to buy a good amount to make it worthwhile, IMO.
Pick something or you will end up with a 4 digit number followed by ED. :
I bought it and my boys liked it at first. They preferred Headsprout, though. I preferred the Click n Read price tag. We kept it about a week or so and my boys were so bored. I canceled my membership. They really like Reading Eggs, but I have since started them on Headsprout. I wanted a phonics program instead of whole language. They really like Headsprout.
I get 2 cups of cream off the top of our raw milk gallons and I only take half of the cream. I just use a stainless steel measuring cup. I just buy more milk to accomodate the fact that at the end of the week, I will have 22 cups of heavy cream.
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