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I don't think that you can get a meat bird to 12-14 pounds in the short time that they are alive. We have Cornish X and they are bred to eat, but they will not get to that weight. So, if they are older, they will most likely be very tough. I've seen that people who raise meat birds will charge $10 a bird, including slaughter. That isn't all that much, especially considering that the bird probably cost $7.50, not including your time.
Who is ready for Lost to start again? :
Our COBRA would be around $1300 a month, so $650 sounds like a bargain to me. But, I would shop around for some private health insurance.
Dh just finished up with our portable pen AKA chicken tractor. We've got 14 Cornish X and 7 RIR living together. http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b3.../Brooke075.jpg http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b3.../Brooke076.jpg You pick it up with the handles and wheel it to the next plot of land. http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b3.../Brooke077.jpg These are the roost boxes and hinged door for egg collection. We put two roost boxes in there, but we can add another two if...
I wish that they charged for bags here. I bring my own bags. If I don't, then I make sure to only buy enough that I can carry. I will not go home with a disposable bag.
I use Ecover now. I still have some Electrasol tabs and they just do not dissolve consistently. I really like the Ecover powder, though.
When my son was written on by another kid with a dry erase marker, I thought that all was lost. But, Murphy's oil soap and a toothbrush got it out. You need to put something to blot underneath the spot, but I was amazed that it broke down dry erase.
I have a drawer full that nobody touched. My hens wanted no part of these oranges. However, the citrus must have smelled mighty attractive to the bugs because they came. So my girls had a feast on bugs.
Quote: Originally Posted by eco_mama FYI: New episode April 24th. Lost comes back on that night too!
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