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I'm going to have to ask the owner about these eggs. They always have them available.
The store closest to me sells these. 15 eggs for $1.99 I know that they didn't have them for awhile as the hens were near the end of their time. Good or bad?
I agree with the PP. If you want something to sell, you lower the price. It sounds correct that she cannot have the assets and be deemed too poor to pay for her nursing home stay. I don't think that giving it away will do it as it will appear as a way to circumvent the system. I'd drop the price to get it sold. That being said, I have no idea how reverse mortgages work. I'd ask Suze Orman on her site. Maybe you will get a call. I've never seen a show on reverse...
What kind of machine? I have Duets and I know that someone explained on this board how to open the bottom and manually unlock it.
I hope you get an answer. I'm curious, too. I'd like to make yogurt but I'm not sure if I have to do it differently with raw milk. Usually I bring the milk up to 180 then cool it to 110-115. But I'm reading that if I start at 110, then some of the raw milk enzymes can battle the yogurt cultures and you get a thinner product. But then if you go to 180, you defeat the purpose of raw milk.
On the hoof means the live weight cow. They will weigh the cow before slaughtering it and that is the price per pound, before waste. I'm not sure of the exact percentage that you lose. But figure, blood, bones, skins, excess fat, some organs, and the such. It is significant, though, something like 25-35%. I bought a half a few months ago. I paid the farmer $450 and the processor $160. Even at 35%, I probably netted close to 300 pounds. I get some specialty cuts/wraps,...
I pay $1 per pound on the hoof. I think that it is going up to $1.10. And then it was .40 per pound. I imagine that will be going up, too. What isn't?
You would have to be sure of your zoning. I am on 9 acres and we could have a goat. But, we really aren't set up for a goat but we do have chickens. My friend breeds goats and she told me that I could easily buy a goat for $200. She estimates feed at $20 per month and that would yield a gallon of milk per day.
That is what one share buys. If you want more gallons per week, you have to buy more shares. I own shares at two farms in VA. One is $60 per share, and $24 per month (but will most likely go up to $28 per month this summer). There is no dry time at this farm. The other farm is $55 (but you can pay $15 down and $4 per month until it is paid off) and $18 per month. They do have a dry time for about 10 weeks (but you still have to pay).
Yes or no?? I bought 4 cowshares so we get 4 gallons of raw milk per week. I really need closer to 6 or 7 per week. I have shares at 2 different farms. I place is $6 per gallon, going up to $7 this summer. That goes year round. My other farm charges $4.50 per gallon but is dry for about 10 weeks ( I keep paying). Milk at Costco runs around $3.25 right now. Should I just up my cowshares or use *gasp* store milk for my cooking purposes. I make yogurt often. And does...
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