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Keep it on an interior wall.
Take pictures because they grow quick! Our chicks are two weeks old today and our Cornish X are just plain big. Most of their feathers are in. My RIR are still pretty little, although their feathers are coming in pretty good, too.
Pay your mortgage. Pay your credit cards because those fees will get you if you don't. Call your bank and find out if you can qualify for a one month deferment of your car loan. Sometimes they will do, sometimes not. It is just extra interest for them, so they like it. Pay the court as this could cost more if you don't. Call the speech therapist and dentist and tell them your situation and they will probably be willing to work with you. You might be able to make a small...
Quote: Originally Posted by donnaintheuae Great thread! Thanks everyone Ustasmom- just wondering.......Why the enamel on steel pasta and stockpot? Is steel better for somethings then cast iron? Are they LC too? I haven't seen any LC stockpots (ie tall and narrow) in the stores. Apologies for the rank beginner questions!! I can't wait to start replacing my nasty teflon with some gorgeous LC pans. Donna I use the enamel on steel...
Buy the extended warranty, whatever you buy. These are like big time electronics and things go more often than you would think. And nothing is cheap, either. One time and you warranty has more than paid for itself.
Can you drill your own well? Our well is over 300 feet down. It is almost impossible to even pull the well pump up manually.
These dingbat chickens. : I fill their 2 gallon waterer. I come back in a few hours and the whole trough is filled with shavings. I clean the shavings out and the water level comes back up. But, to no avail, when I come back, they will have put the shavings back in the water. They do the same thing with their feed trough. It is mostly the Cornish X girls. Of course, they are just over 10 days old now, so they are getting larger and more clumsy. My RIR girls are still...
It will be high for awhile until farmers start planting more wheat. I was going to buy a 5 pound bag of wheat berries that should have been $2.96. I think that they told me it was now $4.41. So, I went with a 50 pound bag for $35.xx, which is still up like $15 from last week, too.
We have a fireproof safe as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by rootzdawta Mine was bought refurbished and nothing has ever broken off it even at the hands (mercy) of my two year old. It's a good vacuum. Nothing to fall all over yourself about. It vacuums better than my $80 canister that I had before and as well as my mom's $1000 Kirby. Eh, it's a good vacuum. I wouldn't have spent the full amount to get it though. I loved my Dyson until I hated it. First, the tab that...
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