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How crazy is it that my story is eerily similar ?!? My little pumpkin came unplanned and unassisted at home on 10/14 at 5:51 pm! At 5:00 I was hanging out at my Mil's house... I had about 45 active labor and by the time my water broke my body was pushing! Anyways, just had to comment since our stories are so similar! Congrats!!!
After 24 hrs mild "pre-labor" and a CRAZY 45 mins of active labor Arelei Morgan (air-uh-lye) was born unplanned and unassisted at home on Sunday 10/14/12 at 5:51pm. 7lbs 5oz, 201/2 inches. My crazy story to follow in the next few days!
I am taking Dr Christopher's Birth Prep as well as EPO along with my normal supplements.  I was drinking a ton of RRL, Nettle, Alfalfa tea but I've been slacking the last few week :- /.. I should start drinking some more.  I've been seeing a chiropractor 2X/week for my entire pregnancy (and before pregnancy) and I see an Osteopath who does manipulation about once a month since about 15ish weeks.  I'm hoping for a shorter labor than last time! I can't think of anything...
I love the newborn diapers!!!  I have quite the newborn stash as many of my diapers are "borrowed" from friends :) I have 30 FuzziBunz XS, 10 Little Joey AIO's, 4 Grovia newborn AIO's, 4 newborn fitteds, and 2 covers.  I don't think the FB's will be my favorite as they are really time consuming to stuff as they are soooo tiny.. :-) Can't wait to get my little one in her cloth!!
I did!! Even though I and the midwife was 99% sure she was head down, I still wanted u/s confirmation.  I had a friend who ended up with a c-section because her baby that every midwife swore was head down, was not... They didn't discover that until AFTER her water broke :( so they would not attempt to turn the babe...
I love and I mean LOVE my ergo!! If I could have only one baby wearing carrier, this would be it!  Granted, I have many others I use for specific purposes, but my ergo is my favorite everyday carrier from about 3 months and on.  By about 4 months I am able to put my babies on my back.  They are super tiny in there, but definitely safe.     Maybe try craigslist for a used ergo.  I know there are websites online that teach you how to spot a counterfeit.  Personally, I...
I'm definitely want to take either the Birth Prep Formula or the Gentle Birth Formula starting at 34 weeks as directed.  I've been drinking RRL tea since 20 weeks.  I make my RRL strong, letting it sit overnight before straining it and putting it in the fridge.  The only difference I've seen between the two is that the Gentle Birth claims to decrease the labor pains (which is a huge plus)!    What do you think? Did you take either of these and what was your results? 
BostonMummy- it never did with my first!! This time I am much more uncomfortable.  Enjoy feeling good :)
http://www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com/tdap-vaccine-pushed-on-pregnant-women-despite-fetal-risks/ This is a great article to check out. I'm not about to start the vaccine debate here, but as a PP stated, vaccination is NOT the best way to protect your baby. I really believe that. In fact the DTaP vaccine carries very high risks/side effects.
We don't vaccinate.  Nor are we germ-a-phobic.  The one thing to keep in mind regarding the DTaP vaccine is that the baby does not have immunity until the 3rd shot at 6 months! So if you are vaccinating please don't think your 2 month old is completely covered!!   The one illness I do really worry over is Pertussis.  The good thing is that once the baby reaches 2 months the risk of death is almost unheard of.  I really want to start DS1 in preschool this fall, but am...
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