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  Here is my belly! Finally!! My kids don't exactly like me spending time on the computer, lol.  I am 24 weeks in the picture and already feel soooo big and uncomfortable.
I've noticed if I'm on my feet a lot I'm getting pretty swollen :-/ ... I never had any swelling issues during my last pregnancy. I also thought I should buy a pair of sneakers since I also live in flip flops, but they are just not cute! I tried! I even tried the sketchers store.... Hope your feet feel better! Maybe your kids will gie you an easy week
Oh my goodness! What a surprise it must have been to end up delivering so early! I'm so glad to hear that everything seems good dispite the circumstance. 2lbs is a great weight for a 26 weeker! Sending you and your sweet son lots of prayers. Congrats on your son! Boys are amazing
asteph- Lily would be a cute NN for Liera!!  Aerie is super cute too.  DH and I are also considering the name Aralei (pronounced Air-uh-lye).  I'm thinking if she was to have a NN it would be Airy (Aerie) or something along those lines.  If you ladies were to choose between Aralei and Shiloh what would you choose?   I got to keep this short as my two little ones are "helping" me type.  Cute names though :)  I love seeing what everyone is coming up with!
We are also having a hard time naming this baby. The first two were a breeze and pretty much named themselves, lol. We are having a girl this time and are currently planning on naming her Shiloh Rose. Her brothers names are Elijah and Caeleb, so it flows with our Hebrew theme. I love Shiloh, but wonder if it's 'girly' enough. I didnt have a very popular name growing up and I remember wishing I was an Ashley.. As an adult, I am grateful for my un-popular name. Just...
I was having a lot of Braxton hicks from about 16-18 weeks. They were not painful but neither were they comfortable. My MW said its completely normal! I notice myself having less these days. I find when baby is head down I don't get many, but when she is laying transverse I get a lot! Especially when laying in bed! Waking up to them is no fun, IMO!
I am a fan of flannel with the edges surged. I have some still from DS2 but need to make more. Haven't done it yet though... Also, I really need to re-surge the ones I have.
I just posted about this! Well, except I'm still plenty hungry, lol
I'm almost 22 weeks and the heartburn is starting. I haven't pinpointed it to what I'm eating, but nothing is really setting well. I didn't have this too bad with my last pregnancy... Any natural remedies? Tips? Hopefully this won't last the next 18 weeks!!
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