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I mostly crave things I shouldn't be eating (I'm GF and dairy free, or I should be..). Hot wings are pretty amazing to me, especially Chili's boneless buffalo chicken salad with blue cheese dressing, yum! Pizza and pickles are a yummy combo . I do eat healthy, but I don't crave healthy! I have two eggs for breakfast everyday and a piece of Gluten Free toast with peanut butter. Im trying to get enough protein in, but it's hard with no dairy. If I'm home I usually have a...
Congrats!! I can already tell that girls are going to be so much fun
It's so funny that you would recommend Zoe Katharine as both Zoe and Kathryn (this spelling) are my DH's two FAVORITE names!! I know this sounds horrible, but since he is getting his favorite first name, I don't want to give him the middle too...  I do agree that Zoe Kathryn is a bit prettier than Zoe Kate.    As for waiting- well, I plan on waiting until we meet little girl to decide 100%, but it just seems like this LO has chosen Zoe... It's this very strong...
Maybe you can try more peanut butter.  That is always my godsend during the first trimester.  I even made peanut butter and banana smoothies with rice or coconut milk. YUM :) Can you try to add some coconut oil somewhere as well?? 
I am pretty small too.  I started off at 117, dropped down to 114, and am now up to 125 (OUCH)!!  With my last pregnancy I gained 8lbs by 8 weeks and only gained 29lbs overall.  I'm hoping this 1.2-2lb/week weight gain is temporary and I will slow down soon!  I really don't want to gain more than I did last time.  However, I am just not able to exercise the way I did and this baby really likes carbs and sugar :P
Oh man!! I am (for the first time ever) having a very hard time naming our baby girl.  With my boys I had girls names picked out Kalea Morgan for DS1 and Aubree Kate for DS2.  DH no longer likes Kalea... So, that one is out.  I really 'feel' like a baby chooses it's own name.  I don't know exactly how to describe it, but I felt it with both my sons.  It seems as though this baby's name is Zoe/Zoey, but am really fighting it because 1. It is so popular and 2. I feel like...
I'd find a place that specializes in gender and pay the $50 to find out for sure.  They have a lot of experience and it's totally worth the $ IMO.
Just wanted to say congrats!! I'm sure having twins will be a huge blessing to your family!  I hope you can find a supportive midwife!!
14 week gender ultra sound.  It's the same place I went to with DS2.  Amazingly beautiful, brand new 4D machine, and awesome gender tech's :) Glad I didn't have to wait til my 20 week anatomy scan!
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