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No ibuprofen. My midwife says tylenol is perfectly safe. Saw her today
I am getting some headaches too.  Not as many as with DS2, but probably 1-2/week.  I had one all day yesterday and tried to sleep it off.  I did not work.  I ended up taking Tylenol first thing in the morning.  Worked like a charm!  I think if the worse thing we take during pregnancy is Tylenol, we are doing good :)  With DS2 in the first tri I was taking Tylenol about once a day...     MommyofNRM- You gotta do what you gotta do...  I hope you can get some answers...
    I know most of the momma's in our DDC are not finding out gender, but I wanted to share our joy anyways :) We are super excited to be welcoming a baby girl into our family!!!
Love Bravado! My breasts are huge and need of a perfect sized bra so i havent tried the one you are refering to. Their stuff is great and holds up really well.
I was actually thinking about this too (although I don't make my kids costumes). I'm actually hoping that I will be up to making it out on Halloween... Anyways, I remember baby gap having some adorable knit baby animal costumes in previous years so I'm really hoping to see something like that this year for the baby!
When DS2 was born and I became a SAHM, it was a hard transition. I was so happy to be home, but we really had to re-do our budget. That meant selling our house and renting a smaller one, being super careful about following our budget, and really never going out for dinner, movies, etc... Sometimes I do wish we had more $ so we could do some fun stuff, but I wouldn't go back and do anything differently. I'm so blessed to be home with my kids. You will figure out what your...
Congrats! Glad everything is well with you LO. As for telling you parents you don't want them at the birth - I would be honest and upfront about it. Tell them you and your DH want to do the birth alone, but they can come visit once you all get settled. No one in my or DH's family were upset by this when we had our first baby. I think they kind of expected it. Good luck!
Love! Thanks for sharing
Thanks for the tip! I will defiantly be checking that out!
I'm 12 weeks on Saturday. I was feeling great from 10 1/2-11 1/2 weeks and then the last few nights I have been miserably sick again. So... I'm not sure my m/ s is gonna say goodbye with the 1st tri. Bummer. My only hope is that my body is busy creating some girls parts and that's why I still feel crappy. All my family is always sicker with girls. So I can hope!
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