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I got Zofran, took it two days and had to stop. The constipation was horrendous ( I hadn't had any before taking the Zofran) and I also go the horrible headaches. Unfortunately, I decided the side effects were just not worth the break from the nausea/vomiting. Mine was labeled one pill every 24 hrs. I'll have to check the mg... I'm comfy in bed right now though
Will keep you and your LO in my thoughts and prayers.
Glad the bella bands are working for you girls.  I am personally not a fan ...  They put pressure right on the spot of my lower abdomen that makes me super uncomfortable.  Right now I am wearing a pair of jeans with a hair-band to give me an extra inch or so and a long shirt 
I was told IUI (with washed sperm) is 50% chance of either. My DS2 is an IUI babe and totally a boy :) I'd say you have equal chances of both.
I eat foods off the traditional "no-no" list all the time. Actually, raw (un-pastuerized) cheese and milk is so much healthier for you.  Just make sure its from a good, organic source.  That said I had some amazing sushi the other night.  It is the best food for my upset stomach and nausea.  
I disagree and love my bG AIo's. That being said, I love my pockets too, but when my whole stash was pockets and I had to stuff them all after each wash, it made diaper laundry way more of a chore. I like having both. If I forget to do laundry, I know my pockets will be dry fast. Also, I prefer the AIO's when someone else is watching my son as I don't like to have to pull out cold, pee soaked liners hours later. Ugh. I prefer to just dump diaper into the pail with a...
As I lay in bed (wide awake when I should be asleep) willing myself not to throw up my vitamins and supplements I took tonight, I pray this is over soon... This is so horrible to say but I'm so done feeling this way. I really am feeling like this will be my last pregnancy :(I just can't handle feeling this sick all the time. On a more positive note- I have my first Dr apt for next week. I'm pretty excited and hope to see baby and a strong heartbeat. I shall try the...
I just got some Zofran too.  Took one dose today and it worked liked magic!!  I hate taking the drugs but this has been going on for a month now and I'm at my wits end!!
Yaaay!! So glad he or she looks good!!
Mitsuo- so glad to hear that cause I've been having a heard time taking my prenatals too. I try to get as much of my supplements down as I can, but I'm defiantly lacking right now. I am currently taking the Super Nutrition one a day.
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