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I have heard this too. I think it is because flax seed oil is high in estrogen. I read that is good for everyone and than I later learned that it should really only be used daily as a supplement for menoposal women. I would supplement with Hemp Oil.
It depends on what state you live in. I would search online for the specific laws regarding your rights as a parent.
Personally, I did not care to use the Moby when by baby was first born. I put it on my mom a few times and my ds was content enough, but could not really do it on myself as newborns are so floppy at that time (even thought my ds did astonish me with his head control from birth). The hotsling was my bf during the first 5 weeks or so. Now my ds is 7 weeks old and we are just starting to really use the Moby. I always wear a thin shirt underneath and make sure I have it...
Deff Butter!!! The Smart Balance is processed and man-made which is not very healthy for your natural self!
I would recommend Baby Super Foods. My baby is only 6 weeks old but I read the book and am planning on following her guidelines.
Thanks girls! I found a great ped who actually recommends delayed/selective vaccinations and only about 1 mile from my home!!
I have an adopted son, who happens to not be the same race as my husband and I. For our second child (as we can not afford another private adoption) we are planning on trying AI with donor sperm. I really want to use either a asian or hispanic donor. I think your decision has to come from within yourself. People are always going to see what they want to see and people can be downright nosey and rude! You wouldn't believe the questions people have asked me concerning...
We are working with a private Texas agency. Do you think I should ask my social worker in Texas how they feel about selective and delayed vaccinations? Or do you think that is raising unnecessary red flags?!? I have a consult with a new doctor next week who supports delayed and selective vaccination schedules. (I just don't think I can go back to a doctor who does not give me a chance to voice my fears and concerns.) But even if she is on the same page as us...
Does anyone have any information regarding adopting a newborn and delayed and selective vaccination? I am a firm believer in delayed and selective vaccinations and it kills me to think that I am forced to overload my newborn because I have no say. This would not be an issue if the baby was my bioligical child. I feel so helpless!! Our baby's adoption will be finalized in Texas and I know every state has different requirements. I also know that our social worked will...
Hey GuavaGirl. Just wanted to let you know that you are not the only one. I am 24 and planning on adopting a baby boy due around christmas (if bm does not change her mind). this is our first child and i am planning on concieving our second through AI as we really can not afford the cost of two adoptions any time soon. Good Luck and don't worry about what people say. You create your own family the only thing that matters is your and your husbands opinion.
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