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There are several crisis pregnancy centers around me that do u/s for free. Is there anything like that you can look into? I'm so sorry you are upset by this, I would be too. It really bothers me that your OB doesnt seem to care enough to fit you in. I hope you can get an u/s soon. I will keep your LO in my thoughts and prayers.
Hope it worked out for you since your DH took the day off work. If not, im sure you'll be hearing that beautiful heartbeat soon!!
It took me til about 13w with DS2 to feel him move, or to know that the "flutter" was him moving. I read that it is possible to feel at 9w depending on position of babe in uterus. I only felt this baby that one time...
Once I got pregnant the first time, my breasts have been off limits... Poor DH, but I remind him the breasts were made for the baby not for him. It is the one thing I'm not willing to budge on. I'm only nursing DS2 at bedtime and I still don't want my breasts man-handled...
I'm so sorry Momma!! I don't really have any good advice.  My DH will complain here and there and I just remind him that this is HIS baby and that HE is pregnant too.  For my DH it is all about sex and when he's not getting any he is miserable.  I try to satisfy DH sexually even if I'm not in the mood myself... That helps a bit cause he can see that I'm sensitive to his needs as well.  Also, remember you should be feeling a lot better in a few weeks and you may want to...
Although, I am only 9w I defiantly felt the flutter-flutter of my precious baby moving yesterday! What a great reminder that he/she is in there and doing well!!!  I think I may have an active one on my hands because it felt like he was doing somersaults :)   Just wanted to share in my joy.  Any one else??
I know a bunch of people who tried G diapers and no one really cared for them. They leak a lot. I would recommend the Grovia if your looking for a hybrid.Neither of my boys were fans of the baby swing. I am just going to borrow one this time.
Strangely enough, I am also a 32 H/I and I have no problem nursing in my ergo once the babe is a few months old. What I do is drop the bottom strap down around my hips and then loosen the arm straps so that I have lowered the babe to my nipple level. Then I just put up the head cover and we are good to go For me, the one baby item I reccomend is the Ergo, I could not live without it. I would really like a new one cause mine has gone through both my boys now and the black...
Just popping back in to say Congrats on all the BFP's and everyone in the November DDC!! That is so awesome!!  Hopefully it is good luck for the rest of you ladies in the TWW or waiting to O.  I'm sending baby dust to all!!   ChloesMama: I hope that you get your birthday wish!!! That would be seriously amazing!
Here too Wishing this would pass already!
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