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I also haven't made an apt or even picked an OB or midwife... Waiting for my insurance to go through and then I will figure it out.  I don't want to be poked and prodded this pregnancy either.
Yes, I remember it being so much worse post partum!
Same here except I've luckily been heartburn free. If I were you I wouldn't worry about your DH. Just be glad he's home during the worst of it so he can help with the kids. I wish my DH was home more!! When he is and starts complaining, I kindly remind him this is his baby that is making me so sick and that it sucks for me a whole lot worse then it does for him!! Here's hoping we all feel better soon! For our DH's sakes
So sorry for your loss. Take care of yourself.
So sorry momma
It's quite funny that you would mention the nausea coming in waves because I know sooner wrote that post and then it kicked in full force. With my last pregnancy protein was the key and the Peggy pops worked awesome! This time carbs and flat gingerale seem good at settling my stomach and I can't handle the pops. It's so weird how each pregnancy is different. It's also super hard for me to smell food in my house. Totally grosses me out. Surprisingly, the yeasty smell...
Thanks Babinogi- I decided the same thing about the u/s.  If baby #2 is there, he/she will be there at 12 weeks.   My morning (rather all day) sickness has greatly reduced, so I'm not too hopeful right now. Feeling blessed for my 1 healthy bean :) and hoping the worst of the morning sickness is behind me.
SANITY - It is super scary to be bleeding, but it is normal for some women.  If you are really worried, keep bothering your Dr and ask for another ultrasound.  I know for me it is so reassuring to see that little heartbeat.  I will keep your little one in my prayers!!
I have been doing research on the Internet and there are a lot of instances where an ultrasound was done at 6-7 weeks and no baby was seen.  Then two weeks later (usually before a sched D/C) they miraculously find the baby and heartbeat.  Sooo now I'm holding onto the hope that maybe baby was there... Maybe I'm just crazy but I can't let go.
New Posts  All Forums: