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Love Bennett! Also, there is Bently (not really my thing but does include "Ben")
Sanity- that is scary, I'm glad everything looks ok. Can't wait for this 1st tri to be over too!
I had my first ultrasound yesterday at 7w. The good news is that my baby is doing great, had a nice strong heartbeat at 155 and is measuring 3 days big (just like big brother). The sad news for me is that there was a 2nd sac but no baby... I'm sure most people would say I'm being ridiculous but this is still a loss for me. I just knew there was two from the beginning. I felt myself ovulate on both sides and then felt implantation in the two distinct spots we found the...
Congrats Serre!!  So happy for you!    
Hi ladies! Just wanted to pop back in and see how you all are doing. Congrats to Lairac on your BFP : I hope you start a new trend with the nursing mommas! I have my fingers crossed for you all!!!
OH my! My breasts got huge during my first pregnancy!! I went from a C cup to a I cup!!  This time I am really enjoying the deflated state that pregnancy and nursing has left them in.  Enjoy yours bostonmummy!! Hopefully, they don't grow to an uncomfortable size.    
ladyleah-  I'm grateful for your advice on the hypnobabies.  I am planning on trying that this time around.  Hoping it helps me cope better than Bradley did!!!
Oh man, has my belly already popped!!  I noticed at 6 weeks and now at 6w2d it is so noticeable.  I am not bloated (or if I am its just a tiny bit), I can really feel my uterus.  I am just really surprised and was wondering if anyone else is in the same boat? I'll try to post a pic later if I can convince DH to take one ;)  Hoping there is just one healthy bean in there, but will know for sure after my ultrasound on Monday.
I meant that I think environment has a way of blending people together.  Of course his eye color and hair are not environmental.  The fact that his hair is much lighter than his biological family's probably has a lot to do with our environment and the fact he spends hours and hours in the sun.  Anyways.... I'm experiencing major pregnancy brain here!! Sorry for the incomplete thought.
Yes and yes! DS2 is a mini-me except he is a boy. He has my eyes, mouth, ears, and attitude. His head shape and body type closely resemble my brother, so it's hard to overlook my family's DNA running through him. I actually love seeing bits of me in him. I can't wait to see who our new baby resembles! DS1 was adopted and therefore is not biologically related. However, it is amazing how much he looks just like us. He has my hair and dark eyes like my family. You would...
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