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DH is FOR it. But he knows I'm 100% against, in all ways. I refuse to let that happen. There is no room for me to be persuaded on the matter. His reasons are purely vanity, therefor not valid, IMO. I'm really hoping for another girl, not for this reason.. but just because I love having a girl.
I love the name Cedar.. I think it's pretty. I wanted a more unique name but DH was not for it. However, if we have a boy.. I'm really liking Hunter Sage, but he feels Sage is too "girly". IDK. I always wished I had a more unique name growing up.
Quote: Originally Posted by expat-mama Is it normal to have your HCG levels tested, or is it only usually done early on if you've had problems/miscarriages in the past or there are other concerns? Is it a standard test they'll do when I go in for my first doctor's appointment? I think its typical for those with losses or maybe having fertility treatments. I had a blood test done last week since I've had two losses & a chemical pregnancy,...
So these are the names I'm in love with. With my first pregnancy, the names were picked out & that was that. It was so much easier for me, plus I love to plan ahead, haha. Norah Winter & Hunter Sage. My daughter is Megan Lily, so I think both of them sound very nicely with her name!
Congrats!! I can't tell you how happy I was when I saw that first positive test with DD.. I love it. I'm so happy to be feeling it all over again!! Bulk up on the sleep while you can mama!! Congrats!!
I'm here!! I'm Debbie, 22. 23 on the 16th. I had a beautiful wonderful daughter 8 months ago on March 18th. She was born all natural at the birthing center. Shes breastfed & cloth diapered, the works. We had a miscarriage in June, I got pregnant my first ovulation after DD. We've been trying since to get pregnant again & finally I am! I am over the moon and I couldn't be more thrilled. I've always wanted two children close in age. I don't plan on anymore after this baby....
I'm glad its stopped wanderinggypsy!
I would try a FRER. They've always given me early dark lines. Cheapies never give me accurate answers because to me the early positives look like the evaps I've had also! I hope you are pregnant!
I took a digi around 11dpo, it was positive. I took a cheapie at 10dpo, it was negative. So I guess it depends on the test.
Welcome!! Congrats!!!
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