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I don't think there's any thing else you can do.  Maybe a warm bath, water can stop contractions sometimes.  If they continue call your dr/mw.  I will say I know a few women who contracted for a month or 2 before giving birth- it's just what their bodies did- so it's not a definite problem. 
I have crazy short labors.   DD- @ 2 hours DS1- @3 hours DS2- @ 2 hours   I have a neighbor set to sit with the kids in case I go into labor at night.  Otherwise we'll head to the hospital and my mom can meet us there since it's half way between our houses and she'll need our van any way.
You say you make more than your DH.  Could he stay home with the kids?  I have a couple of friends who work and their husbands stay home with the kids since they make more money.    Another thing you could (probably should) do is try living on 1 income while you're still working.  Put all of your or his pay checks into savings so you have a big buffer and can learn to live on 1 income while you still have the buffer of 2.  It will give you a good savings for...
Waterbirth at a hospital birth center.
Caleb is hugely popular, not sure if that matters to you guys.  Jasper makes me think of Twilight, you'll get that association a lot with that name.  Silas is my favorite from your boy list.   I love Anya and Elsa.  I don't have any associations with your other girl names.
My 2 yo wore Robeez until he out grew them this past winter.  He'd still be wearing them out & about if they fit.  He had a pair of fake fur lined bootie type and the classic ones.  Even with wearing them outside in New Englad they're in good enough shape the new baby will wear them when they fit her, too.  The only reasons we didn't buy the next size up is that we found cute, soft soled shoes for him for less than new Robeez and because the soft soled shoes give him...
I've been induced 3 times with out pain meds.  The first time was with pit and while the labor was awful it could be because she was face up not just because of the pit.  My youngest was also face up and I don't think it was any less painful than #1 and I refused pit with him.  I have very very fast labors, though, so I don't know if I could deal with a long induced labor with out pain meds.  It is possible and I would- probably will, I don't seem to go into labor on my...
My boys have short hair now- the 5 yo prefers it that way & the 2 yo would fight washing/brushing- but had long hair for ages.  I just got good at ignoring comments and didn't bother correcting strangers who told me how cute my girls were.  Once DS1 was old enough he'd correct them himself- "I'm NOT a girl!- and that was fine.  I did come close to punching my sister the day she told my daughter she'd give her $20 if she cut her brother's hair but she a UAV any way.  Just...
Mine have been pretty similar.  I was induced each time for being past my edd- 42 weeks, 2 days with my first, 40 w, 2 days with my second (I had GD), and 43 w 5 days with #3.  All labors were very short- 3 hours for the longest (#2) and #1 & #3 were posterior.
Anya Cordelia or just Delia Lila
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