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Quote: Originally Posted by TRIBE I am trying VERy hard to be patient with the cheap-o surveys and freebie offers (which aren't always free so I can get a low visa prepaid to do the better offers but damn it's killing me that in several days I have made less than $4 flippin dollars at DBP and some of that is carry over from months ago Many sites are no longer allowing prepaid cc's for offers. Some sites will close your account if they catch...
MPC is the best GPT around (In my opinion). MonsterPaysCash is a work at home mom's site (she is also a MDC mama) and she offers the highest payouts of any site I've seen. MCS is probably My Cash Safari. Another nice site, pays out less than MPC for the same offers.
Just popping to say hi. I made a whopping $50 total for all my GPT work this past month. LOL. Better than nothing I guess!
Quote: Originally Posted by krankedyann I can't get any freebies to credit. Same here, for the most part. I have not even tried any this month. Not worth the effort!
I just got notice that the Cash Cafe is closing then end of August.
I can't get things to credit at My Cash Safari. I have an active referral there, so I've cashed out one time since she opened, but my cashout was completely referral earnings and promo codes and using my elephant tracks to get money to raise my "earnings" to cashout level. Nice site, though!
I FINALLY got my May payment from SwatCash. I have yet to get the GC I redeemed, though. ~sigh~ MPC has been doing some really great things lately. They have a wonderful selection of cash back shopping, forum contests, and they are adding offers (paid trials and/or freebies)....a few each day lately! I have not had time to do the offers, but it seems to be that people are getting regular credit for things there. Since Cash Duck closed, and SwatCash has been so...
Oh, I forgot....I still have not been paid by Swat Cash! They said they re-sent my check and I haven't gotten that one, either. I cashed out a $50 gift card b/c I had enough point. It hasn't come. I posted back in the July thread about my original problems. They sent my may payment to my old address, even though I notified them of the change and updated my account immediately after I moved. Then they stopped that check and charged me $35 to do it. They said they...
Hi, all! I've been so busy I forgot to check MDC for a while.
GPT stands for get paid to. THere are sites out there that will pay you to try products, take surveys, etc. There are offers that cost you nothing and they usually pay about 40 cents up to $3 or $4 (called freebies) and then there are trials of products, which you pay out shipping and handling and will sign up for an automatic shipment program. You will usually have so many days to try the product and see if you like it and want to keep it. They payment for trying a...
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