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evergreen hugs iam soo sorry for the bfn AF is gone yahoooo finially I get to have funn I love this part of TTC hehehehhe
hey momma's glad to see everyone doing goood, Iam sooo ready for AF to be all she brought was cramps and dirreah with her totally not a fun. i cant stay my baby started crying again he wants to be nursed again soo be back laters
i pray everyone gets a +pregnancy test very soon af is being very mean this cycle she is heavy cramping is painful and she brough dirreah with her totally not fun iam thinking maybe i should wait until next cycle to try again to give my body time to heal up from the car reck my back is killing me everyday iam seeing the chiropator every day and it just doesnt seem to help but then again i would hate to miss 1 cycle
i started my period last night soo move me to AF thanks
i know someone who was pregnant with 3 sets of twins first pregnancy was boy/girl twins when they were 5 months old she got pregnant again with twins but lost them then when they were 3 yrs old she got pregnancy again and with boy/boy twins she now says noo more kids knowing my luck i would end up with another set of twins lool they were all natural twins
my 3 yr old is FF the baby is RF yeah i will just go out tonight to buy new ones i dont have another choice waiting on insurace to place them is taking forever
saturday night we were in a car reck we know we need to place the car seats but we dont have the money to do it right now we r trying to hurry up the lawyer and insurance to get us money to replace them ASAP right now we r still using them cause we dont have a choice I know that is not good but what r our other choice? if we use them for 1 week after the car reck is that ok or just really bad? and what car seats do u suggust for a 3yr old that weights 30 lbs...
congrats to the mommies that got BFP I have a OBGYN appt tomorrow to see why my period is MIA I hope my doctor can figure something out since I know iam not pregnant i think they will do another prgenancy test on me through which is fine
ty u all for the help my son is going to a islamic private school but it is only for this yr then we r moving to Lebanon and he will be going to the TOP school in Lebanon and i know i wont be worried about him getting a good challange there cause they r very challanging,
ohh my son loves loves just sitting down and doing school work he will throw a fit if i get tired and stop and this is after 1hr he never gets tired of school work but i like ur idea were can i find a school like that
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