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Brandi Wood goes into Muncie! www.Home4birth.com She attended all of my childrens Births!  
I love Brandi Wood, with Home4Birth. I have had 3 of my last at home with her and she is an amazing well educated Midwife! www.Home4Birth.com Good luck with your search!  
www.home4birth.com Brandi Wood, CPM I had her as my midwife with all of my kids! Amazing woman!  
We dtd with the pull out method, but I have never (not had my period) while nursing.. Very different, usually we could let it fly when I was about to start my period the charting method but I can't do that while nursing right? Anyone chart while nursing?
I cut out Peanuts and dairy, Poof better after 2 weeks... So I am thinking its both! I am so relieved!!! :)
This is the first time that I have not started my period on week 6 after having my son.. We are going on week 8. I wanted to know the odds of getting Pregnant so soon? My husband asked if I could get preggo even if I don't have a period and I am think so, right?
I am dealing with that also, I cut out dairy last Tue, and it has taken this long to get a change in his BM. I had one bloody diaper so far today. My little man is 6 weeks old.
      Trevor Bear  Dec. 13th at 7:04 am   8.8 lb 20.5 inch   Labor was easy and fast, Will post birth story later!~  
Still Here 42 weeks and 1 day!~  Getting next weeks work week planned.. For my husband so if I don't have him this weekend then next week will be ready for baby when he decides to come earthside... I am getting cabin Fever been staying in for that last 2 weeks waiting for this little one and know its getting to me. We just don't want the kids or myself sick and The flu season is around. So please be praying that Trevor comes tonight or sunday night!
I am still here!~ I am 41 weeks and 5 days also! Due date was Nov 27th! Not sure if I am dilated, haven't been checked so we will see when little one gets here!
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