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Ty, off to read...
TY! That part about the strains, I did not know about, I'm still a searchin!
Have any of you used antibiotics? I always have cause I was brought up thinking you were supposed to. Now, that I have researched it, I have second thoughts. Now, Saige might have an ear infection, I dont' wanna take her in to be seen just for that. She's also teething as well. I explained to my "friend" as I'll leave it as whom is mainstream, and she replied back with "well, then she suffers then" in response to me telling her about the non-antibiotic route. Would any...
Also, if using the WW pattern or F&F, once your done with your decreases, are you measuring (before starting the graft)to make sure the leg opening will be big enough?
Thankyou, thats a cool offer! Just have no $$ means right now, Will have to wait...
Whoops! I meant that I did'nt see them on their site, but I'm sure I somehow over looked that one,lol!
Quote: Originally Posted by sagepixie What about a podegi? peppermint.com sells two types a small blanket and a wide blanket. I could'nt find it,
Ty! Right now I have the Ultimate Baby Wrap, although it was great for me while she was smaller, now its really out of the question cause she's so active, grabbing, ripping, at me, I can't really put her on my back for that reason and cause it would be pulling on that region I mentioned earlier. Anniej-- I'm about a 16 and I'm an E cup which they are strongly headed south, so everything is pulling as it is, I will keep my eye open on the TP and on babywearer too!
Ty, buglette! I was just checking out a couple different sites and I do think the best for my sitution would be an Ergo! (now to just save the $$$ for one, :LOL
Ty, I wanna check those, have any good linkie's??
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