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absolutely pumpkin, hopefully I'll be able to soon, I have been looking for a long time.
I am in Burlington and if your kid's get it in New Hampshire I will drive down to expose my 2 year old, I have relatives in the Milford area. Please post if you do see pox!
Hi! I'll keep checking this thread looking for someone with chicken pox or shingles and if anyone near us gets it I will post a thread announcing it! Good Luck!
Anyone with chicken pox in Vermont? I have several friends who are also looking.
I am in Vermont and am looking for someone with Chicken pox in the area...
I am in Vermont. Does anyone have chicken pox right now in the area?
I am new to Motheringdotcommune and this seems to be the only place to find other moms who have children with chicken pox. I live in Vermont. I anyone out there?
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