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hello!  i hope this question is ok to ask here...   i'm an unschooling mama to three boys, and while i know unschooling comes very naturally to some, it was a long deschooling road for me after 17 years in traditional education.  after working through it, i've noticed that there's not a lot of discussion/support on the deschooling process.  most of what i have seen is advice from experienced unschoolers which can be very hard to integrate until you really "get it" if...
ok, it worked for me that time :)
hrm... i think the link included the period at the end of the sentence! oops :) let's try this...   www.gnomesathome.com
hi!  we're also fairly new to pa unschoolers!  i definitely second the askpauline and yahoo group recommendations- they have been incredibly helpful so far.  i just wanted to throw in one thing that i am learning.  you have to *really* read and know the law because many school districts do not.  when we first moved here, my district was asking for things that were way beyond the law... i read it over and over and ended up contacting the dept of ed for their opinion (the...
What a cool idea- I love all of the inspiration I find on other homeschooling/unschooling blogs.  I'm also a fairly new blogger (at least regularly anyway) and you can find me at www.gnomesathome.com.   thanks for doing this!  i'm off to check out the other blogs now while my littlest ds naps. :)
i just heard this about dr rogan as well. :(  does anyone have experience with the other drs in his practice?  when i called and heard he isn't taking new patients, i made an appt for my kiddos with dr wiley (sp?).  any feedback on him or others in the practice?
just bumping this in the hope that someone will have a suggestion... any dentists to definitely avoid? 
hello! my family is moving to the ithaca area in 2 weeks and my little one is in need of a good pediatric dentist.  does anyone have a recommendation?  a family dentist who is good with small children would also work.  basically, i want to see someone knowledgeable (holistic/breastfeeding friendly would be a plus) and who won't push extreme measures for baby teeth unless they are truly necessary.  thanks so much! :)
nak at the moment so i can't elaborate too much, but i wanted to join in this conversation!  :)  we've been mostly unschooling up to this point (with some nature/holistic/waldorfy elements thrown in) but this year we're definitely moving more toward waldorf inspired homeschooling.  we'll be doing 3rd grade with my oldest and some fun activities from seasons of joy with my 4 year old (as much as the baby will allow anyway).  we're also getting ready to move in a few weeks...
so, a few weeks ago i noticed that my baby's front tooth looked like it had chipped but only the outer enamel.  both the ped and dentist both said there's nothing to do for it (which i was relieved about... i was worried we'd have to have it fixed with sedation).  today, i noticed his other front tooth has a similar (but smaller) area that has chipped away- again, just the outer layer.  i have so many thoughts swirling through my head... he was on mega antibiotics as...
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