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Congratulations to madis81 and Marilyn82!   Tropicana, your little guy is too adorable.   Here's Sofia.  (Born at 40w3d in a med-free hospital birth)     Wearing a knit Toasty Sleeper and matching hat that I just barely finished in time...lol.     Dressed up to go home yesterday afternoon.   She's nursing well and generally being adorable. My husband is absolutely smitten - like I told him he would be. 
Baby Sofia was born late last night in a completely unmedicated birth. And face up to boot! Going home from the hospital tomorrow. Congratulations, travelmumma!
Yes to peri-bottles! I love them to death. Even after the PP period, I keep them and use them for a quick freshen. 
stengenrae, we went 40w6d with our first, but the rest were either a bit before or right at the due date. Seems to be a thing with our girls only....lol. Lots of deep pelvic pressure and spasms last night. I accidentally woke DH up moaning during one of them, but they weren't actual contractions. It just felt like the baby was trying to push herself out, if that makes sense. I don't mind going until 41 1/2 weeks or so, but another week and a half of those doesn't sound...
Congratulations! She's beautiful! And I'm so glad she got here safely. Enjoy your babymoon! 
That's a beautiful and moving birth story. I'm so glad you went with your own instincts for your baby. You obviously knew what he needed. Congratulations! 
Congrats again to all the mamas with new babies!    I'm due today, but there are no signs that anything's happening in the next couple of days. Baby's definitely dropped, though, and it's gotten to the point that my stomach feels like the bottom will fall out when I stand up, so I know we're getting close. I've been trying to keep myself busy with work and knitting because my sewjo has just completely run out. I think it's the constant sitting with my feet down that...
This is from Friday, so I was 39w5d here.   
Yay congratulations kaliki! That sounds like a dream birth! 
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