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With my first, I didn't realize I was in labor because the contractions felt like my BH's and they were really irregular - every 7 minutes, then every 5 minutes, then every 9 minutes. Then they suddenly became 4 minutes apart. 30 minutes later, they were 2 minutes apart and we were on the way to the hospital.  With our second and third pregnancies, though, I knew I was in labor because the contractions got progressively stronger and I felt them deeper - kind of like they...
Oh, that's what that is!!!! I had noticed a frequent movement like hiccups but it was way less jerky, so I wasn't sure what was going on. Too sweet! 
The link between a relaxed mouth and a relaxed cervix. I've always tried to keep my face from frowning during contractions but I hadn't tried opening my mouth loosely and blowing out air or moaning during them before. I've been practicing that type of breathing in particular, hoping that it will make the transition stage a bit easier this time.
All of our kids have five letter first and middle names. They're also all named after us in some way. My first name is Selena, so our DD1 is Saida. DS1 has my DH's middle name for his first name (Lance) and DS2 has a variation of DH's first name (Jaire). DD2 will be named Sofia, yet another S name after mommy. :)
Hey ladies!  This week is going okay, but I am so, so tired. I had planned to make this my last full working month, but now I'm thinking that I might have to cut it to part-time starting immediately. I can't sleep worth a penny and my legs are super heavy, because of how low little miss is sitting. I'm in no hurry for her to get here, though...lol.    Sorry, I've been MIA but I'll be hanging around more often now that I'll be working less. Hugs to everyone who's been...
Our DD will be 8 at the end of October.    No more leg crossing for me either. Little miss has been head down for a while, though, so I just hope she doesn't plan on making an early entrance!    Hugs, travelmumma. 
I was up late last night reading about ecstatic birth and alternative pain management techniques. Our first two deliveries were med-free, then I caved and took IV medication during my third because the labor was super fast and intense. I regretted it when it was time to push, though.    This time, I'm trying to get myself in the right frame of mind ahead of time so that I don't go in expecting labor to progress a certain way and then freak out because it happens...
We're planning for a natural hospital birth. We have an excellent midwife at our OB practice who encourages active birth and is very hands-off about IVs and monitoring, so I'm feeling a lot more comfortable now than I was at first.    This is, of course, assuming we make it to the hospital in time...lol.
I've been in a hurry to get "back out there" after my other deliveries. This one, though, will be our last, and I think I'd like to spend several weeks just at home with her and our other kids so that everyone has time and space to get used to each other without external stimuli. Plus, I may not feel like moving much anyway. 
Hey ladies!  I've been away for a minute but we're still pregnant! Just turned 29 weeks on Sunday and stuff is getting real...lol. My midwife gave me a copy of the preregistration forms for the hospital last week and I was like "Noooooo! I'm not ready yet!" The good thing is that I'm getting into nesting mode and I've been busy knitting and cutting out diapers. If I could only finish up everything before she gets here, things would be perfect. 
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