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im already planning my family i would probably be: Absent-Minded Sims get lost in their thoughts and occasionally forget what they are doing, or where they are going. Bookworms have a passion for reading that surpasses their other desires. They also tend to become good writers. Vegetarian Sims never choose to eat meat, and doing so causes them to quickly become ill. Lucky Sims are closely followed through life by a comforting sense of luck. They win often and...
what are the system requirements? i suspect i need a whole new computer to be able to play oh and how much is it?
this may be off topic but i was wondering if anyone had any game recommendations for kids...
my kids are 5 and 3 i really wanted to wait to have another until we were out of the 3-4 age... at least out of three. 3 is my crazymaking stage though... my oldest was 2.5 when her little sister was born.
im going to try to wait til the 20th... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh
Quote: Originally Posted by benj i don't want them asking for the toys on commercials...like my niece and nephews do, it's irritating. my oldest used to do that alot until i started telling her the commercials were designed to sell her something and i know it looks really fun but sometimes toys arent made well and break or become boring. i asked her to think about it and if later, long after the commercial was off, if she still thought she...
were a gamer family here too. i love it, its a way we bond. my oldest is pretty good at mariokart and she has been bonding with her stepdad by watching him play his old favourites. i think its really adorable when she comes and tells me what happened in the game and how she and dp enjoyed thier time together. he reads the dialogue to her and explains stuff and she tells him where to go and he lets her try to figure out puzzles herself. it really is heartwarming to...
maybe nothing has become that funny to him yet. sure maybe giggle funny but not all out laughing funny.
okay i know i was just on one of these threads freaking because i went 3 months with no period (it finally came late last month) but uhm... i had unprotected sex on the 5thish. which would be cd 13 for me and cm is pretty fertile looking egw... i havent been temping because ive been waiting to get a basal thermometer. when is the soonest i could start testing?
ubacs are awesome. next kid i have is going to be a ubac my second child would have been but i was ambushed by scared hospital birthers. there was no reason i couldnt have finished birthing at home, everything was perfectly fine.
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