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i love when my kids make up stories in the case of stories like you mentioned maybe you could tape record them telling it and transcribe it later. im thinking that would be perfect for baby book filler. childhood stories to look back on. i wish i still had some of mine...
well you baby is doing better at the solids than my kid did then
Quote: Originally Posted by AndVeeGeeMakes3 Max and Ruby (pretty much for the same reason - I hate the way Ruby talks to Max!!!! And where the heck are their parents????!!!) i dont ban max and ruby but whenever its on i cant help myself from having a running commentary on how ruby is such a fascist and max is just trying to be a little bunny. my oldest thinks my commentary is hilarious and sometimes joins in. barney is outright banned. my...
my eldest didnt reliably eat solids(like even semi daily) until she was at least 14 months. i nursed her on demand and she was a very large baby who weighed about the same as many toddlers while in her first year. imo solids are over rated. if the baby doesnt want them then yay you get to keep the bf poops!
im 26 and i still cant ride a bike...
hello all, how have you been
if we want to meet at the merc instead of say a park, im a memberowner and can reserve their meeting room
when are we going to have the lawrence meetup?
still no af... now my boobs are tender... appointment is in 2 days eek
Quote: Originally Posted by kcstar How does one distinguish between "punishment" and "natural consequences" in this situation? in any situation a natural consequence is something that happens on its own as a result of something else(eg: you drop your water on the floor, you get your feet wet) a punishment is something you would do to someone(eg: sent to room for spilling water) i think youre thinking of logical consequence, which is just...
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