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where are you?
Quote: Originally Posted by Suprakid1982 im in there come in and chat with me OR ELSE you arent there...im there.... hrrrrm....
Quote: Originally Posted by Red So, if you go to a party at someone's house and it's NOT spotless, do you feel the urge to clean it? If so, the party's at my house. Once you all get the place good and clean, I'll get you drunk and drive you home. a friend of mine moved recently and some people from our ap group came by and we inadvertently made a cleaning party of it. it was so fun, there were drinks, there was cleaning. it was just...
this thread is awesome
darth vader is vegan... thats awesome! its such a fun looking cake
Quote: Originally Posted by memiles I like big butts and I cannot lie you other brothers can't deny that when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist and a round thing in your face you get sprung.... that one had its own thread a few months ago
Quote: Originally Posted by Red OMG! I had NO idea! I feel like my mother, telling us about bread being a nickel. Man, $15! yeah its harsh and i cant even begin to understand why people ff by choice by just the price alone. thats alot of money. ive been right on the edge of stealing it before dd1 finally latched on... my friend in northern cali had a ff baby who needed special formula at $25 a can...and he had reflux so she was...
southern california, late 2003 it was about $15 a can
I should be cleaning. i know im not the only one The Jerry Springer Show lives upstairs Anyone know who this is? I am SICK of dealing with SHADY people!!! come join our evil cult. (chat on MDC! right now!)
Quote: Originally Posted by MiamiMami Does anyone remember... pinwheel pinwheel spinning around look in my pinwheel and see what i found i do! but i cant remember what its from....
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