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Goodness MD I hope that you are saying that tongue in cheek.  I can't tell.  Because that sort of McCarthyism would not be cool at all.  And a bit ironic in light of the magazine's demise.   But not all the threads that have been deleted have been for this purpose.  Was Holly Bear's Mom a troll?  Was Ornery a troll? No, I don't think so...HBM had been a member here for like ten years.  Plus she was banned without a warning from what I understand. As were other members...
Wow...I too am like over this one.  But then what would I know being a historian afterall (and married to an historian to boot).   FWW most of what I know of the past comes from primary sources actually.  I must have missed the ones where everyone got along.  But then I study the middle ages...where nobody got along with anybody lol.  
  Mommel please see the bolded above.  Those members were not banned because of that sex thread linked above, but before that thread was addressed.  They were banned because they called MDC out and demanded an apology on threads that have been since removed.  They were banned because they were trying to hold MDC accountable for its actions.  Stridently.  And they ruffled some feathers.    
  HBM and Ornery were not banned because of the "sex with ex" thread but because they strongly called for MDC to issue an official apology for all the offensive choices in threads and advertising choices made in the last few weeks.   I'm guessing that no apology will be forthcoming.    
  Right...self moderation is the key.  Banning just shows that the site is purely punitive if you challenge the powers that be.   Apparently the first rule of Mothering.Club is that you don't challenge Mothering.Club.    
  Ornery too. And Ldavis24.           OOooh I have a new siggy!  Peace out.  
I am so disillusioned by this whole thing.  I can't believe that you banned honest, longstanding members because you didn't like the bite of their discourse.  Frankly that is NOT a natural concequece of their heartfelt critique.   I'm seriously shaken.      
I'm pretty sure Burt and Ernie were based on The Odd Couple actually.   As to why ascribe an adult agenda to kids characters?  Well, maybe because they are created by adults.
I'm sorry, I've read all the responses and I still think that a support only thread is a bad idea because it involves...by necessity...heavy censorship.   I guess I believe in freedom more than I believe in, well, just about anything.
  You are really into in-group out-group mentality aren't you?  Here is the deal:  I get to define if I belong here.  I do it by deciding if I feel comfy here, not by listing my choices and comparing them to some, apparently pre-existing AP checklist from on high.  You don't get a vote on who hangs out at MDC, nor should you be striving for such a disturbing selectionism IMO.    I don't see how MDC is straying from their ideals by welcoming all people who need community...
New Posts  All Forums: