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Hey Magelet I notice that you are in the Bay Area.  Here are some of the places I get cool stuff:   Synergy Clothing Company has a store in Downtown Santa Cruz (where they are based) and usually has a bunch of cute stuff for sale cheap.  I got one of their dresses for ten dollars recently.  They have cute, flattering, earthy (all organic) shirts there too, many at outlet prices.    Goodwill in Downtown Santa Cruz has amazing clothes.  Buy second hand from the...
I'm sorry it has made you sad.  I think that all of us have a similar motivation...to make it through a day the best we can while protecting and raising our kids the best we know how.  But everyone comes from different shaping forces so they see different priorities in the "protecting and raising" part.  I don't see anything wrong with that.   And I honestly don't see striving for a gender-neutral lifestyle for my kid as looking at everything through a PC filter.  Young...
In the last batch of college papers I graded it was all about how "the Nazi's pushed they're (or there) evil agenda".  I feel ya!  
  When I am assuming the best of people I just figure they don't know how to talk to kids so they talk about them.  Especially true when you have young kids who tend to stare at people.    
Yeah, what you read was probably my post(s).  And I'll say it again...focusing on a child's looks bugs the crap outta me. Gender roles aside, people call my son beautiful all the time (although, again people can't always tell he is a boy because of how he is dressed).  Its pretty much a conversation killer.  So go ahead and be "nice" but you cannot expect me to get excited about it.    You wouldn't walk up to an adult you didn't know well and tell them they were...
Sorry about the following rant:  Boy howdy do I hate companies (like this one) who have fifty-billion cute things for girls and the same boring 'ol couple of selections for boys!  Why doesn't anyone make nice, yet creative, clothes for boys??  And why no real boy-clothes options?  Does a girl really need ten dress options for every boy outfit??   Ok...got it out of my system.
I know!  And they never have decent sales.  But they are the high end line of Gymboree so sometimes you can find Janie and Jack-type stuff at Gymboree for much cheaper.
Check out Janie and Jack.
My kid has huge feet too.  He couldn't wear regular Robeez after about 15 months because the elastic left big red welts on top of his fat little feet.  So we moved on to structured Robeez and then Stride Rite.  Most shoes don't even fit him because his feet are so wide, but we've had good luck in Stride Rite wides, See Kai Run and Keens.  And since I tend to have great luck finding second hand shoes we've not gone broke.   Honestly though he walks a ton with me when...
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