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Look there is a very good chance this post is a troll.  But in case it is not...   You need to get to the emergency room right away of course.  That red line is blood poisoning and if you delay it will kill you.   Seriously.  Go right now. 
I live in California and I actually think its pretty cool to be named after a cactus.
  Perhaps my view is colored by the fact that I have not yet WOH with a kid...but when both DH and I were working full time there was much less house stuff to do than there is now.  And what there was to do was shared between us equally (because that WOH woman-does-everything thing doesn't fly with me.   I watched my mom do it and then get so mad at my dad over the years she dumped him).   The reason I see SAH as a job is that it is exhausting and draining finding ways...
Holy Carp !   I am ridiculously jealous.    Where in London are you staying?  I lived there for awhile.  A very short while...    Will you, by chance, get to travel to the western side of Scotland?  The Isle of Skye is pretty amazing.
This is not real life but it gives a pretty good idea of what they sounded like from my house when we lived in the city.  Hoping to get back there soon.   I also love the look, smell and feel of fog.    
For me the absolute bestest is the sound of rain.  Especially summer rain which does not exist where I live.  When the sprinklers go off in the AM I try to convince myself that it is rain lol.   I also love, love, love the sound of foghorns.  At night when I am going to sleep is the time I appreciate them the most.
Those egg molds are cool!  
Probably because some of us have seen the worst of people and want to protect our kids from that.   Here is what I got (from members of my family mostly...but not entirely) when I was a kid:   You can't pick that (heavy thing) up...you're a girl. Let me help you (with something that I was perfectly fine with on my own).  Saying "no thank you" never stopped the "help". Keep your opinions to yourself...this is a guy conversation. You're not allowed to have an opinion about...
Is Comcast the only option for internet where you are?  If not, cancel comcast all together and go with the other guy.  Serves comcast right!
No they can't.  Because it teaches that girls need to value their beauty (and by omission not their strength), and that boys need to value their strength (and by omission not their beauty).  Both of these are stereotypes that need to be challenged.   And at what point does someone's "right" to be nice (in a way I do not deem appropriate) trump my kid's right to not be pigeonholed because of their perceived gender?
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