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Chili fries coney island style (as in Michigan not New York).  Learning what traditional coney island chili was made from is one thing that drove me to vegetarianism but they are sooooo good.  Especially when made with ridged fries.   Also I never drink soda but I do love me a decently made Sonic Cherry Limeaid.  On the limey side please.  Thank goodness the nearest Sonic is about 25 miles away (and a good coney island restaurant does not exist on the west...
Wow!  She does look happy and perfectly comfy in her own skin...AND great in that suit!!
Can you get closeup photos of the leaf structure (and flowers if they have them) and tell us what growing zone you are in?
Well, in many ways less focus on medicalized birth would actually give women more choices.  Don'tcha think?
Than why bother fighting against a medicalized birth system at all?
Huh, I actually find the real smell of my husband way more sexy than I find the smell of his soap.  I hope he feels the same about me.  
Do you have somewhere nearby where you can get good gluten free bread?  Then she can have a sandwich like everyone else.
It totally is a job!  DH and I treat it as such so that when he gets home we make sure to both pull our weight equally in terms of watching the kid and doing chores.  I totally don't understand the connection being made between seeing SAHMing as a job and being a martyr.  I think you are much more likely to be martyred if you don't see it as a job because then the expectation is that you are always the responsible one even when your partner is around.  And that wouldn't...
I totally think of MIL and FIL as family because they have done everything in their power to welcome me, but SIL?  Not so much...
  Why won't you do Miralax?  I would honestly choose Miralax over senna any day because senna stimulates the colon and one can easily become dependent on it.  So senna is a very bad long term solution IMO.  Miralax is just a stool softener so it comes out easier and without pain.    
New Posts  All Forums: