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I know. It sucks. Maybe this will give you a giggle?: Quote: Originally Posted by Raelynn Why can't people just leave penises alone? People like what doctors say. Your email is little compared to a medical professional. You know how ignorance is. The poor baby.
Aw, don't feel bad. I wouldn't have let him hug my kid either.
Quote: Originally Posted by rugbymom but that doesn't mean that your doc is unknowledgable about whether your LO is growing properly. This generally is true, I would tend to agree. However I have no faith whatsoever in her doctor, because she is convinced that nursing at night and comfort nursing causes a lack of weight gain. : I would be finding a new doctor myself.
Quote: Originally Posted by Calidris works for me :
Could someone please click my signature link to confirm it works? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by Janelovesmax Damn, we are moving in. Believe me, if it was ours, we would turn it into a commune in a heartbeat. But alas, we're just the care-takers. What the owners paid for it is about a bazillion times more than we could ever possibly afford on our budget.
You won't be any more comfortable with unsharpened pencils! As soon as you see her running with it, you'll have mental images of it in her eye, and you'll be done.
I found this: more than likely they will be allergic to other wheat such as spelt and Kamut. Wheat is often a cryptic contaminant of many foods more obvious items are bread crumbs, bran, cereal extract, couscous, cracker meal, enriched flour, gluten, high-gluten flour, high-protein flour, seitan, semolina wheat, vital gluten, wheat bran, wheat germ, wheat gluten, wheat malt, wheat starch or whole wheat flour. Less obvious sources of wheat could be gelatinized...
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