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Lilitchka, I'm also in Ontario :) I per chance found out that the midwife I would love is actually going back to a practice in my area!   I'm so, so, so excited!  I made an appointment for in 2 weeks (Wednesday).  I won't see this midwife until May because she is only coming back then, but I'm very happy.  She didn't end up delivering my daughter 2.5 years ago because she found out she was pregnant  and due around the same time but I loved her approach. 
Lea2012, what acupuncture is he/she doing?   I'm seeing my NP weekly, too, for general kidney/spleen/liver function acupuncture.  I'm thinking of asking him to do some for the nausea, too.
OH! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!  How exciting!
My first visit is scheduled for March 18th.  I'll be 9.5 weeks then.  I am going to skip the dating u/s.  In fact I'm considering getting no u/s this time round.
ACTUALLY, I might just use our spa bath.  It is very big but not as deep as I would like it, I think...
1st - 22 hours (hospital birth with ob/gyn.  It was my worst birth) 2nd - 3 hours (hospital birth with another ob/gyn as he was only 35 weeks and my midwife wasn't comfortable delivering him at home) 3rd - 55 mins (home water birth) 4th - 4 hours (home dry birth) 5th - adopted 6th - 2 hours (hospital birth.  35 weeks.) 7th - 3 hours (home water birth) 8th - 4 hours (home water birth)
Oh, this one looks lovely, too http://www.midwiferysupplies.ca/products/aquaborn-birth-pool-regular The La Bassine is sold out from this supplier :)
OH YES!  I remember that one!  It is LOVELY!
Rikki, I agree that it could make a HUGE difference having the handles would help for sure!   I birth so quickly (shortest labour was 55 mins, but on average 4 hours) that I don't spend lots and lots of time in the water.  BUT I'm off to google the La Bassine.  I remember looking at it last time but can't remember much about it :/ I looked at the fishy pool last time and it was too shallow in my opinion.   I got a deeper one.  I've had 3 of mine in water, too :)
I actually just got a blow-up kiddie pool last time.  I bought it on sale at the end of summer.   I will do the same this time :) Not very frugal or environmentally friendly but we just tossed it after the birth.   It was about $20.
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